Useful application of the month

Many business people must have met a lot of people and exchanged many name cards with each other. Moreover, they must have hundreds of name cards and they need to spend lots of time searching and finding the name card as well due to the large amount of name cards that they had. Today Camup Job is providing a useful application that you can find in both the App store and Google play. It is called “Wantedly People”. Wantedly People application helps people to store all the name cards in one place. Moreover, this application can scan up to 10 name cards at a time which means it is very convenient to use and save a lot of time.

All the features that are in there are all free. Surprisingly, within that application it also shows the name display of the incoming calls by syn with your smartphone contacts, share contact through the app, easy data migration that import from other services, and lastly you also can import the data and turn it into excel format as well and save contacts as CSV.

Recommended for people

– Sales people who frequently contact outsiders
– Those who often go out and contact clients regardless of location
– Those who are in trouble because they cannot always answer the department they visit when they are out
– Those who think that business card management is troublesome
– Those who find it difficult to find a business card every time and take time
– Those who are having trouble with the topic of business negotiations
– Those who want to develop business with business card exchange partners
– Those who are interested in artificial intelligence (AI)


Main functions

– Read up to 10 business cards at once with your smartphone
– Artificial intelligence recognizes characters and instantly converts them into data
– Linked with Wantedly’s profile
– Display information related to the business card exchange partner at the same time as scanning
– You can search for people immediately in the connection list
– You can also view / edit business cards and download CSV on your PC.
– Start a phone call or email immediately from the connection list of the application
– Record the characteristics of the other party and the scenes you met with the memo function
– Display the caller’s name when receiving a call from a business card exchange partner in cooperation with the contact information of the smartphone
– Lending and borrowing business cards online
– Batch scan of business cards by linking with the top share scanner in Japan

[Read up to 10 business cards at once with your smartphone]

Save multiple business cards at once. Since the shutter sound does not sound in the manner mode, you can register your business card anywhere. In addition, up to 10 sheets can be read at the same time. Even if you have 1,000 business cards, you can capture the data in less than an hour.


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Link for Android user: