The situation and decision of Private Sector during the lockdown

Camup Job made a survey about how the lockdown is affecting the private sector in order to help our clients to understand the situation clearly.

The purpose of this survey is to share information with each other so that you will be able to make the right decisions even under this unexpected situation. The total responses are around 40, which consists of the company representatives, HR managers and officers, and business owners. Further information will be provided in the section below.

1. Recruiting works under the lockdown

Recruiting works under the lockdown

Based on the data, we could see that even with the lockdown restrictions more than 50% are still continually recruiting.

2. Meeting tools

According to the data, we can see that Zoom stands as the first priority for online meeting tools. Last but not least, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are also known as the second and third choice uses.

3. Will the lockdown finish as scheduled or to be extended?

There are lots of ideas about the ending of the lockdown restrictions. 65.7% said that the lockdown will be extended another 2 weeks due there still have lots of people getting infected and currently there are around 600 cases per day. However, 22.9% believe that it will be finished as scheduled due.

4. The difficulty of changing to remote working

We asked what difficulty you had through the too sudden change to Work From Home Some of them are doing fine and there is no difficulty as they have adapted to WFH already in the previous expansion case. However, there are many companies that got affected while they changed to remote working. Here are the opinions:

  • The internet at home is slow and unstable,
  • Staff can not connect to the company system while working from home
  • Some of the employees, they do not have the laptop and they are unable to work from home
  • Affected with the team support and clients
  • All the projects are stuck and all suppliers can not deliver as planning.
  • Could not get well prepared with documentations
  • Lack face to face communication
  • Some of staffs can not operate business
  • Hard to discuss and working from home is not efficient.
  • The government orders to pay salary twice and we are following that, but there is no way to access the company accounting system nor banks.
  • We cannot go to the construction site too suddenly. There is no way to work.


5. Special measurement on staff salary

During the lockdown, each company is facing the financial crisis. 48.6% of companies answered will not deduct the salary of their employees, but 17.1% have decided to deduct some from their employees due they need to be secure in financial control. Last but not least, 34.3% of companies have not yet decided, but would consider it after watching whether the lockdown will be extended or not.

6. Company size of the answerers

That’s all. We will continuously conduct surveys and share the results with you.
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